Case Study || The Power Behind Sichuan Dazhou Chaya Tunnel Light Retrofit Project


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DONE Power recently had the privilege of partaking in the Sichuan Dazhou Wanba Expressway Chaya Tunnel Light Installation Project. The project’s completion means a new era in the progression of our business journey.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power LED drivers, Done Power was the primary choice for delivering tunnel street light driving power for this project. We supplied a comprehensive range of outdoor road lighting LED drivers from our MAP series, a European standard power supply solution including DL-50W-V58S-MAP, DL-75W-58S-MAP, DL-105W-V38S-MAP and DL-150W V58S-MAP.

Our state-of-the-art lighting supply solutions proved to be the most optimal, efficient and reliable choice during the construction of the Chaya Tunnel.


Overview of the Project

Wanyuan City is a county-level city in the northeast end of Sichuan in the heart of the Daba Mountains. The Sichuan Wanyuan to Batai Expressway construction project constitutes the largest sum of investment for any project undertaken to develop the road networks in Wanyuan City. The city is known for having fewer connections in path and road networks than other cities in the Sichuan province.

This Expressway will allow the residents easier access to the nearby Batai town, improving their ability to connect with neighboring markets and build a livelihood. It will further enhance the interchange of economic factors between the surrounding localities. The Ministry of Transport National PPP investment now lists this as one of the key projects to improve this region's transportation infrastructure.

A major part of this eight-expressway project is the Chaya Tunnel, whose completion has propelled the development of the region's transportation landscape.


DONE Power’s Solution

MAP series


Done Power is at the forefront of the global lighting and power supply industry. We have been dedicated to delivering valuable, reliable and incomparable LED driver solutions to our clients, shareholders and employees to use in projects aimed at supplementing the general welfare of our people. With our professional state-of-the-art technology, adherence to strict European standards, and quality pre and post-sales services, we are the most reliable providers to rely on for all your LED driver needs.

DONE Power was tasked with supplying LED street light drivers during this renovation project. Our LED drivers were intended to ensure that the inside and outside luminance for the tunnel remained well balanced, did not cause eye strain, and ensured that travelers could pass through the enclosed tunnel safely.

For this project, we utilized four key models of our MAP series:

§  DL-50W-V58S-MAP

§  DL-75W-58S-MAP

§  DL-105W-V38S-MAP

§  DL-150W-V58S-MAP

These models were carefully selected for their high power density, high efficiency, energy-saving capabilities, surge protection, stability, and safety.

Moreover, these models all deliver high power density reaching up to 6.09 W/inch, ensuring sufficient light for the space within the enclosed floor area. All these factors made it the selected choice for use in various road lighting, bridge lighting, tunnel lighting and other related fields. The Chaya Tunnel is one prime example of our LED drivers in action.


DONE Power Continues to Drive Innovation and Fosters Growth in the Lighting Industry

Done Power


Done Power’s participation in the Chaya tunnel light renovation project is a testament to our professional ability and technical expertise in the lighting and power supply industry. We have committed ourselves to delivering exceptional products and services to our clients and hope to continue to do so in the future. A core part of our services is to actualize innovation and foster advancement at every step to promote the development of the lighting industry.

Done Power will continue to push boundaries, drive innovation and guarantee high-quality lighting power products and solutions for our clients that will enhance the quality of life for all those that need it.


About DONE Power

Initially established in 2009, Done Power is one of the leading global providers of high-power high-quality LED drivers. Our lighting and power solutions aim to improve the quality of life for all around the globe. Within our 50,000 square meter production facility, we produce an annual 20 million high-power LED drivers that are used in lighting and power projects in over 130 countries and regions around the globe.

Our commitment to innovation, adherence to quality control and standard practices and exceptional customer service are what sets us apart from others.

For more information on our services, visit our website!

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