Case Study || DONE Power Lights Up Ningbo's Longest City Tunnel to Build a Safe and Bright Traffic Environment




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DONE Power recently took on the challenging lighting renovation project for the Huangshan Road Pingfengling Tunnel, the longest urban tunnel in Ningbo. The two-way, six-lane split tunnel in Beilun District has an extremely complex design and construction, requiring an adequate lighting solution to meet the needs of travelers. The DONE Power team was tasked with providing a dependable drive power lighting solution for this challenging project.


DONE Power carefully planned the project to provide a reliable drive power LED lighting solution to effectively enhance the usability of the tunnel.


Project Overview and Challenges

The Pingfengling Tunnel on Huangshan Road is a two-way, six-lane split tunnel between Tongtu Road and Xin'anjiang Road in Beilun District. Ningbo Huangshan Road is a widely used path by locals and tourists as it connects several key regional areas. Daily, hundreds of people use the tunnel to reach their destinations which is why a reliable lighting system was needed to illuminate the tunnel for safe driving.


However, the design and building conditions of the tunnel presented significant complexity. The tunnel's complexity stems from its unique features, which include going down through a hilltop quarry between Tongtu Road and Xinanjiang Road. The project was particularly difficult because the tunnel's design required it to cross the lengthy Yongzhou Railway tunnel and a hilltop quarry. The complexity was further increased by elements like the height of the mountain overburden, the requirement to cross a railway and the length of the tunnel.

Given these challenges, a thorough and innovative approach was necessary for the lighting renovation project to be successful.


DONE Power's Solution

DL-240W-MXG drivers

Being a global high-power lighting one-stop brand service provider, DONE Power offered a state-of-the-art and reliable drive power supply solution for the Pingfengling Tunnel lighting renovation project. These solutions considered the challenging construction conditions and the high power requirements of the tunnel lighting.


DONE Power management selected the top four products to cater to the needs of this project:


§  DL-50W-V38A-MAP

§  DL-75W-V38A-MAP

§  DL-150W-V38A-MAP

§  DL-240W-V56A-MXG 


These models were specifically designed to meet a variety of lighting needs, with various power options and adjustable output voltage.  By installing these drive power supplies, the project ensured significant energy savings while maintaining compatibility with various power sources. The high efficiency and power factor of these supplies further enhanced their performance, delivering reliable and sustainable lighting solutions. The inclusion of surge protection features safeguarded against voltage surges, ensuring the longevity of the lighting system.

The DL-240W-MXG drivers were specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with standardized LED modules. With programmable and dimming capabilities, they proved to be an ideal fit for a wide array of outdoor lighting applications.


DONE Power used these products to equip Pingfengling Tunnel with an effective, dependable, and adaptable road lighting solution. The project was ultimately successful, leading to better visibility, increased safety and lower operational costs. This was made possible by the products' stability, energy efficiency and resistance to electromagnetic interference.


Product Advantages:

Done Power

DONE Power's products showcased numerous advantages for the project. Such as:

1.      Stable and Reliable Performance

The drive power supplies showed they could withstand harsh tunnel environments thanks to their IP67 waterproof rating. Additionally, the products offered protection against short circuits, overheating, overvoltage, overload and undervoltage, ensuring consistent brightness and dependable operation by tunnel lights.


2.     High Efficiency and Energy-Saving Features

The energy-saving features of DONE Power's products reduced energy use and the project's environmental impact. The products' high efficiency led to lower operating costs and improved sustainability.


3.     Electromagnetic Anti-Interference

Before leaving the factory, all products underwent thorough electromagnetic anti-interference testing. With the help of this feature, the drive power supplies could withstand and adapt to the intricate electromagnetic environment of the tunnel while still supplying enough power to keep the tunnel lights' brightness stable.


4.     Project Results and Value

The Ningbo Huangshan Road Pingfengling Tunnel lighting renovation project was the product of DONE Power's efforts, producing exceptional outcomes and immeasurable value. The tunnel was given new life by the transformative power of DONE Power's creative drive power supply solution, which also brilliantly provided safe lighting for travelers. The project produced real benefits that went beyond the immediate effects.


The products from DONE Power have high efficiency and energy-saving features, promising lower operating costs and economic value. Additionally, the environmental impact was kept to a minimum, promoting sustainability and the preservation of nature. This project serves as a testament to DONE Power's professional capabilities and technical innovation while providing valuable reference and experience for future similar endeavors.


Guangdong Done Power Technology Co

Guangdong Done Power Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2009, has emerged as an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power LED drivers. DONE Power, a manufacturer of top-notch LED drivers, has a strong research and development department and a qualified engineering team. We export an impressive 20 million high-power LED drivers each year to more than 130 nations and regions around the world.

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